We will need to operate in a very different way in order to protect customers and staff.  This aims to :
  • minimise customer traffic
  • maximise space between between customers & customers and customers & staff
  • minimise contact with surfaces
Please do not come to Jars of Clay if you, or anyone in your household, feel unwell, have a cough or are sneezing or have other symptoms that could be coronavirus.
  1. You will need to reserve a table for a specified time.  Bookings may currently be made by phone 01394 460948, by request on Facebook Messenger or email (number of people, number of people painting, your mobile number and email and your preferred time of morning, lunchtime or afternoon): we will then confirm your booking time back to you.  Your table will be reserved for an hour and a half from the time we give you.   Tables may be booked for a single household only. Please be respectful of these rules and not try and be a bit cheeky and book in with other households or children from other families.  School bubbles are for in-school only.    

We are staggering all the bookings to help with social distancing so we would be grateful if you would arrive at your reserved time and wait at the front entrance until we show you to your table. Sanitizer gel will be available for your use on arrival. All tables and chairs will be cleaned between bookings. We ask that everyone observes social distancing whilst in the studio and it will be table service. Please make sure you have your mask on before arrival and whenever not actually eating or drinking.  

We will still serve hot and cold drinks and cakes but Jars of Clay will currently, predominantly, be for those who wish to paint.  There will be a £3.50 studio fee for each painter.

  1. Waterwipes will be issued to all painters before painting, instead of hand-washing, in order to reduce movement in the building and use of the toilet facilities.
  1. It would be beneficial if all of your party would look at our range of ceramics on the website (in the shop section) before you arrive to minimise customer traffic in the shop.  Once you have chosen your ceramics we will transfer them to your table for you.
  1. There will be a basic set of coloured glazes on your table and then we will bring you any extras you need.
  1. We will take your order for hot and cold drinks and cakes from you at the table and deliver them to you.
  1. All our glazes are water based and easily washed from clothing however, if you wish your child to wear an overall, you will need to bring your own with you.
  1. Baby foot or hand prints  - we are still happy to help with these.  We will, of course, wash our hands just before we do the prints and will wear a mask/visor for this which will need to be kept to the minimum amount of time possible.  We ask that you provide your own mask for whoever will hold the baby whilst this is done.
  1. Painted ceramics may be left on your table when you have finished and we will move them.

One loo and our baby changing facilities will be available for use but we ask that you accompany all  primary school aged children when using these facilities;

Our usual supply of books and toys will not be available for the time being, so please bring items to entertain your children if required. Children will need to remain in their seats and will not be able to run around the shop unaccompanied as has happened previously.  Customers may politely be asked to come back another time if their children are not able to remain seated.

We ask that you observe social distancing guidelines whilst with us and that you bear in mind that some people may be more nervous than you about being out.


Thank you for your cooperation and support and we are really looking forward to the sound of happy people and fun at Jars of Clay again!


Staff are having to adapt to these huge changes so please bear with us at this time.


Tables and chairs will be cleaned between each booking.  Front door handles and the loo facilities (toilet, flush, basin, taps, baby changing table, door handles) will be cleaned between morning, lunchtime and afternoon sittings.  Our Covid-19 Risk Assessment may be viewed in store.