Ceramic prices start at £2.50 and go up to £40+.  Payment is taken on painting and not on collection.

Plates from £10          

Mugs from £13          

Bowls from £10

Kitchen items from £7          

Jugs from £9          

Teapots from £21

Vases from £12          

Plant pots with saucers from £17

Picture frames from £18

Tiles and coaster from £5

Bathroom items from £11

Ornaments from £8

Money boxes from £10


Christmas tree hangers from £4, baubles from £5, Christmas ornaments from £10


Also available :

Plate hangers (adhesive), plate stands, cork backing for tiles


Postage of ceramics : this is available for smaller items but the costs are quite high as Royal Mail price them on size rather than weight.  Costs will start at around £6.  We are only happy to post smaller items.



Discounts may be available for charitable organisations, schools and other groups  Please ask.


Vouchers are available for purchase from £5.   Please ask in-store.